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Exo-Planets and Stellar Astrophysics Lab

IDL Astronomy Library Search Page

This page provides a search of the one-line descriptions of procedures in the IDL Astronomy Library (including all the contrib directories except /varosi ). The search includes procedures from the Markwardt , Fanning, and ITTVIS contributed libraries and most intrinsic IDL procedures. Type in a string (procedure name(s), word(s), part of a word) in the box to search through the libraries.
Enter a string or several strings (separated by spaces) here to search the libraries:

Place "double quotes" around a string containing a space.

This search page does not include IDL graphics keywords, system variables, executive commands, operators (e.g. the mod operator) or obsolete routines. Use the IDL online help files instead.

Michael Galloy's home page provides a user IDL search window for IDL procedures. A comprehensive but much older search page is available at the U. of Washington Astronomy IDL Page (last updated 21-Dec-2000). For procedures related to solar astronomy, also check the SolarSoft Library Search

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